Monday, July 18, 2016

We're going to be famous!

Not really, but the local newspaper wants to do a story on the goats and me. HAHA! I guess goats in the city are pretty weird. :P

Last week, I was out milking the goats when I saw someone walk past. She stopped, looked confused, and said "are those goats?!"

I've gotten that a lot lately.

She asked to come around to where I was milking, and I said "sure!" I love talking about the goats, and I like that people in the community have really taken an interest in them and been really positive about the whole thing. She asked me a few questions about them, and then said she worked for the paper and wanted to do a story about me. Crazy!

That was exciting, but then I started worrying about all the things that could go wrong. What if I say something stupid? What if people DON'T like the goats? What if I really shouldn't have goats and the license guy got it wrong and they take them away?! AHH!

But most importantly, WHAT THE HECK DO I WEAR?! I mean seriously, it's not like I milk goats in a dress and heels, but I also wouldn't be caught ON CAMERA in sweat pants. So, I compromised and wore my nice sweat pants. :D I'm not really a fussy person regarding my appearance or clothing, so hopefully people aren't too judgmental about my goat-milking attire. AND my hair person couldn't get me in for a hair cut, so I probably look mildly disheveled. That's not exactly uncharacteristic of me, though, so maybe I can take comfort in its accuracy.

So today the reporter lady and photographer came to watch me milk the goats and do an interview. I got up a little early to make sure I didn't have bed head, and to gather all my supplies and have them ready. THANKFULLY, Doctor Husband didn't have to go in until 8ish, so he was available to keep the kids contained.

It was pretty fun, and stressful, but mostly fun. Thankfully, the goats cooperated and didn't kick over the milk bucket or throw their food like they sometimes do. Thank you, goats. Extra raisin treats for YOU today.

Hopefully the photographer and reporter work some magic and make me sound knowledgeable and look snazzy. They've got their work cut out for them!


  1. Can't wait for you to post the story! Go Erin Claire!


  2. Where abouts are you in the 19th ward? I live there too and would love to bring my 2 year old by to see some goats!

    1. Hi! I'd love to have you and your little one over. I don't feel comfortable putting my location out on the internet, though. Perhaps if you can find me on facebook and send me a private message we can work something out. :)

  3. I saw your article on the D&C Facebook page today. Great story! I drive through the area every day on my way to work and admire a few of the houses with front yard gardens. I'm a big fan of all things homesteading related, and I love that our city allows it. I admire your perseverance and drive to make it work! Good luck in all your future homesteading adventures!

  4. Have loved reading all your posts. Looking forward to more goat stories!

  5. I also live in the 19th Ward. I love goat milk and goat cheeses. I was surprised when I read the article that fresh goat milk was being produced right here! So happy your homesteading dreams are working out for you! May God Bless the hard work of your hands!